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Incognito™ braces at Envysmile

If you’ve been looking for a truly discreet solution to crooked teeth, then your search ends here. Incognito lingual braces feature individually crafted cast-gold brackets, which are fitted behind your teeth! So while strictly speaking they’re not invisible, they’re completely hidden from sight. Your friends and colleagues will have to try pretty hard to spot them.

Incognito braces are great for treating mild to complex cases, including common problems such as crowded or crooked teeth; spacing; protruding teeth; and teeth that don’t bite together correctly. Treatment times vary patient-to-patient but moderate cases can usually be completed within 15 months, while more complex cases can take up to 24 months.

As well as being ultra inconspicuous, Incognito braces are specially made, just for you. This ensures your brackets fit your teeth perfectly; resulting in maximum control and comfort. And because the braces are fitted behind your teeth, there’s no risk of decalcification and visible white spots on the front of your teeth by the end of your treatment.

Another benefit of this ingenious brace is that because your smile isn’t disguised by brackets and wires, you can see it improving week-by-week. You’ll be surprised by how much movement we can achieve at the beginning of your treatment, and it won’t be long until you’re showing off a more confident smile.

Lingual braces can take a little longer to get used to than traditional braces, and you might have a slight lisp for the first few days. But don’t worry, you’ll be more aware of it than others, and you’ll quickly adapt – we can even share some tips with you to help speed up the process.

The benefits of Incognito™ braces

• Incognito braces are completely hidden behind your teeth
• Custom-made brackets help to give us maximum control for precise results
• Incognito braces are suitable for everyone, and they can treat even the most complex cases
• They’re perfect for nickel allergy sufferers, thanks to their gold alloy brackets
• Incognito brackets are shaped to minimise any potential speech problems or discomfort
• Because your brace is fixed to your teeth you won’t experience any delays to your treatment from not wearing your appliance.