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Fixed braces are usually given to children and teenagers to correct crooked or protruding teeth. However, Adults also choose to fix their teeth with braces.
The most common reasons for fitting fixed braces include

An overbite – where teeth protrude more than they should,
an underbite – where they do not protrude enough
a crossbite – where the teeth are crossed over one another.

What do fixed braces look like?

Fixed braces are usually made of metal or Clear Plastic and Clear Wires, and include a bracket which sits on each tooth either Metallic or Clear Plastic diamond Type . These brackets are attached to an archwire which is adjustable. Your orthodontist will adjust the brackets regularly as your teeth move slowly into the desired position.Fixed braces can be made of metal or from a clear plastic. Most include rubber bands which are there to assist in the process. Sometimes coloured rubber bands may be used to add some fun to the process.

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Do braces hurt?

The process of fitting fixed braces should be painless. Once your braces have been in place for a few days, you may experience some aching as your teeth adjust to the pressure being applied to your teeth. This should subside over a short period of time.

How long will you wear braces?

Fixed braces are usually in place for between fifteen and eighteen months though this can vary. You will need to visit your orthodontist every month or so in order to have your braces adjusted. This is an important part of the process.

Will fixed braces affect the way I talk and eat?

Fixed braces may affect the way you speak at first but this should go away as you adjust to the sensation of them. You should be able to eat normally but should avoid very hard foods when you are wearing fixed braces as it is sometimes possible to dislodge the bands which are part of the treatment.

What about brushing my teeth?

Brushing your teeth whilst wearing fixed braces may be slightly more awkward than before. You will need to take extra care that food particles do not become stuck behind your braces.

Should I wear a retainer?

Yes. You must wear a retainer for life if you wish to maintain the results of any orthodontic treatment. ClearSmile Brace is no different.

ClearSmile Brace uses two alternatives:

A fixed retainer bonded to the back of your teeth.

A clear retainer moulded to fit your teeth We are available to Have you in any time and answer all of your questions and queries.